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About The Site

My name is Dan Hirsch. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force and I live in Omaha, Nebraska where I work as a Firefighter. I'm 38 years old and am a proud father of twins.

My first memories as a baseball fan are of the 1991 World Series. It would be difficult to pick a better introduction to professional baseball, however, I chose to root for the Braves and that began a string of postseason disappointments in the 90's. It was my father who introduced me to baseball. He bought me baseball cards, took me to Cooperstown and taught me how to keep score at my first baseball games at Shea and Veterans Stadiums. Though, what probably got me hooked the most was combing through his Total Baseball encyclopedia and playing the card and dice game APBA. This began an obsession with wanting to know as much as I possibly could about baseball and its history.

In the late 90's, I switched my allegiances to the Devil Rays, since I lived in Tampa, Florida. In 2003, I created my first website, which was a Devil Rays fan site. Two years later, I joined the military, which brought me to Omaha, Nebraska. While running a site dedicated to one team was fun, I wanted to expand the scope to all of baseball history. That's when I began creating The Baseball Gauge.

The Baseball Gauge originally launched on June 20, 2010. The goal was to have a site that went beyond traditional back of the baseball card statistics and allowed the user to compare players and teams across baseball history. The site has evolved since then with many additions as well as two major site redesigns. Some of the biggest additions over the years are postseason win expectancy graphs, championship win probability added and The Game Changer.

The other sites I have designed are The Ballparks Database and The Negro Leagues Database, which are hosted by our partner