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Note: Unfortunately, Full-screen mode cannot be maintained after a game changes
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• Must have a subscription to This will probably work with a Radio-only subscription, however, you may need to adjust the delay setting to sync your audio feed.

• Browser cookies must be enabled to save your settings. Cookies save data on your browser, which is required to save your priority list for future use. Cookies are enabled by default, so if you are unsure about this, they are most likely already enabled.

• Pop-ups must be enabled on this page. The Game Changer opens games in a second browser tab/window. This will not work if pop-ups are blocked.

• This will only work using a web browser, and not on a Roku/Amazon Fire TV/Chromecast type device.

• This window needs to remain open in your browser for this to work. If you close this window, the game currently showing will no longer change based on your priority list.


Finish Current At Bat: If another game that is of a higher priority than the current game being shown becomes available, the application will wait until the current at bat ends before switching games. If the user has "Leave current at bat" set, the application will switch games immediately.

Teams to ignore: Any teams checked will be ignored. This is if you are blacked out from viewing certain teams, or if you have a certain game on a different device, or if you just can't stand watching a certain team. For example, I usually keep KC and TB checked since I am blacked out from Royals games and I usually have Rays games on a tablet, since I want to avoid having the same game on two screens.

Delay: There is a delay in feeds, from when the's gameday data updates to when shows the game. I have made it adjustable for the user just in case there is a variation in the delay for certain people or certain times. If games are switching before at bats finish, you can increase the delay time.

Priority List: This application constantly checks to see if any of the current games match the user's priority criteria. If there are any matches, it will switch to the game with the highest priority. If there are no games that match any of the criteria on the priority list, the application will choose the game with the highest current leverage index (LI) and will switch between games with the highest LI until there are any matches on the priority list.

If you want to see a pitcher like Madison Bumgarner pitch AND hit, you need to include them on the priority list in both "Batter" and "Pitcher" categories.

The Runner category is for when that runner is on 1st or 2nd base with the next base open. This is for stolen base threats like Billy Hamilton.

When an inning ends, the application will switch games. However, there is currently no way to detect a pitching change. So if you have Bryce Harper as your highest priority, and let's say when he comes to bat, the opposing team decides to bring in a LHP. Since MLB's gameday data shows him "at bat" during the entire pitching change, the game will stay on during the commercial break.

Championship Leverage Index: CLI is the measurement of a game's importance to a team's probability of winning the World Series, with 1 equaling the importance of a game on opening day. By choosing to include CLI, the in-game leverage index is multiplied by the championship leverage index.